Lectures & Discourse: Law

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we-the-people_7Thoughts on the US Constitution

Dr Mroczek speaks with Seth Donlin about aspects of rights, guarantees, principles, and deviations from the United States Constitution.

Law and Philosophy

Dr Mroczek explains the sanctity and preciousness of the philosophy of US law and its practical application in our legal system as it has evolved, including the high stakes to freedom and justice in maintaining it.

lawWhere Do Animals Stand In The Law?

Dr Mroczek spends the first approx 4 mins taking note of ongoing weather & environmental problems; discussion specific to animals and the law begins at 4:20. Dr. Mroczek talks with Attorney and animal rights advocate Jon Rankin about the few legal standings accorded animals and the possibilities and problems for animals under the law. As it stands, there are woefully too few laws protecting animals as animals are exploited, effectively tortured, and abused in so many ways, in so many places, and in great numbers.


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