Psychology for Everyone: Research and Interviews


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 Nancy Mroczek: Psychologist and Visionary – Massachusetts Psychologist

n_pastd_tearsInterview I of Dr Nancy Mroczek with L Ferrar – Nancy Mroczek PhD
Dr Mroczek gives her thoughts on women, female sexuality, status of women, heterosexual relationships, mores and values of our time, God, science, religion, death, technology, existential purpose, and the human need to relate.

n_pastd_tearsInterview II of Dr Nancy Mroczek with L Ferrar – Nancy Mroczek PhD
Interview covers the case for rejection of use of animals in research; technological and environmental ills of society with respect to how or if these can be ameliorated; and personal struggles of the individual personality to get by in a fast and pressured existence.

n_pastd_tears Interview of Dr Nancy Mroczek with Becki Maisch
Dr Nancy Mroczek is interviewed by Becky Maisch. She is asked about her experience particularly in music against the backdrop of her occupation as a psychologist. Dr Mroczek discusses generating her music and its serious themes. She also touches on her proposition that rock music of the last many decades was in fact the genuine philosophy of the time with much to inform and teach. She further discusses philosophic ideas re: the hard experience of living generally. The interview is, overall, an exploration of thoughts and ideas on getting by in this difficult life as gleaned from the learning and experience of Dr Mroczek.