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Trading in futures can be treacherous to your wealth and to your overall health and well-being as well.  No sooner than being out of the gate with a trade you may see yourselfcommodities erasd& blurrd losing money. It is said that 95 percent or more of people who try trading in futures and their options end up summarily losing what they put down.  Nonetheless, futures markets can be alluring.

Trading in futures requires dedicated and disciplined perseverance. Strong discipline and behavioral self-management helps greatly to cope with market movements and to maintain one’s wits. You may have trouble adjusting yourself to the discipline and lifestyle mindset required. Eg, when a trader in futures has a losing trade, she may panic and try to correct the situation with a move that puts her in a more precarious position.

If you have traded or want to trade commodities5commodities and feel frazzled, or tired, or anxious, overwhelmed, and generally just too stressed, Dr Nancy Mroczek, a Behavioral Expert and Licensed Commodities registrant, can help you with management of yourself and your trading for a more agreeable, smoother, and profitable result.  Dr. Mroczek can help you manage your personal behavior, your risk management, and your trading discipline  with behavior and goals tailored specifically to your unique person and style.


She can help  you to learn the skills, behavior, and lifestyle frame of mind required to deal with inevitable losses, decision making, reactions while trading, and adherence to disciplined perseverance that can make trading in commodities futures a success.

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