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Lectures & Discourse: Law

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Thoughts on the US Constitution

Dr Mroczek speaks with Seth Donlin about aspects of rights, guarantees, principles, and deviations from the United States Constitution.

Law and Philosophy

Dr Mroczek explains the sanctity and preciousness of the philosophy of US law and its practical application in our legal system (with particulars of Louise Woodward case) as it has evolved, including the high stakes to freedom and justice in maintaining it.

Where Do Animals Stand In The Law?

Dr Mroczek spends the first approx 4 mins taking note of ongoing weather & environmental problems; discussion specific to animals and the law begins at 4:20. Dr. Mroczek talks with Attorney and animal rights advocate Jon Rankin about the few legal standings accorded animals and the possibilities and problems for animals under the law. As it stands, there are woefully too few laws protecting animals as animals are exploited, effectively tortured, and abused in so many ways, in so many places, and in great numbers.

Kangaroo Krime

This lecture describes the kangaroo court style frenzy over the sexual activity of Pres Bill Clinton, the vicious mindset of its progenitors, crazed popular sentiment, and the bastardization and violation of three fundamental legal percepts in this sordid historical matter: right to privacy, due process, and entrapment. Dr Mroczek begins with a synopsis of the president’s origin, personal history, governing behavior, as well as some description of times in the country. She talks about the independent (not independent) counsel Kenneth Starr and those aligned with him. She fleshes out the unreasoned and highly inequitable travesty that unfolded against a citizen, the president, in a country purportedly guided by equality under the law, law which should have provided protections in favor of right to privacy, due process, and against entrapment or self incrimination but did not. Pillars of wetern civilization were thus trampled. Dr Mroczek makes an exhortation for use of mental capacity (vs emotional) in as an objective and rational way as possible and as the only way to ensure the precious gift of freedom the United States is supposed to embody.
This topic has parallels to the travails of President Donald Trump.

Dr. Nancy Mroczek, PhD
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