Occasional Jot

01-09-21: Why did the main media never describe, show, or write expose(s) about untenable anomalies in the election of 2020. Normally it would have laid bare the claim(s) for all to see and judge and also to juice readership. A complete investigation would be red meat for a fair press. Not only, we have a right to the information. How can we know if an investigation is warranted unless we can pour over the evidence. (Why did the press not latch onto Hunter Biden stories as well?)

In place of election fraud blather, and without explaining what was being accused, the press immediately, and in concert, proclaimed the possibility of fraud to be “baseless”. People consuming its ‘news’ never heard the intricacies of actual technical and considered or professional accusations, numerous personal and video witness accounts, etc, etc. Why?????? The populace hasn’t a clue as to what might have happened except apparently to be satisfied with the word “baseless”, used and repeated by main outlets.

Objectivism in “journalism” and tech media is gone. But do we the populace understand that we are only “conscious” of some or none of many or most realities.

Vigilance is the eternal price of freedom.

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