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Government should be asking people to plant trees

Make some sense: STOP the scents

pthalates, pthalates everywhere
no drop of air to breathe 
people buy the phthalate ruse
           …and health goes to the blues  

Oct 3, 2022: To scientists sending alarm about global warming:
the “remedies” are as bad or worse than the problem
there are SO-O-O-OH many problems with them from sourcing to storage to output to trashing
not only, they are insufficient
why not plant many trees
why not carbon capture
why not sensible ways to use coal & oil with their high density energy
why not proselytize less energy consumption
instead of e-v’s we should be moving away from autos for everyone, high rise construction that uses internal venting systems, etc 
ppl do not understand the pathos of ourselves using the world as toilet paper
ppl do not grieve in their guts for the profane abuse we give mother earth
they have been told there is a problem & they are scared but they do not “get” at all the toxicity & anti-nature proclivity of their lives
in other words, a proper understanding is sorrow for human abuse rather than fear of “warming”
no to plastic
no to paper towels
no to synthetic scents, etc, etc, etc
in other words, no to corporate provisioning environmentally deleterious “products”
we have neither respect nor appreciation for mother earth especially in the contemporary age – we don’t see the sky at night, we don’t walk in natural environs – we are glued to “apps”, materialism, technology
technology is bad for mother earth, in no way a solution
Your friendly Luddite

1-3-23:  The internet has brought huge negative consequence to humanity. 
This includes the severe polarization as we emotionalize – instead of contemplate – in short impulsive bursts. 
Also, our bodies are ergonomically not structured to be bent in towards a screen clicking our lives away & coercing musculature more rightly suited for fine skills such as great manual art & manipulations. 
Our bodies are meant to USE as whole body musculature in small & large ways over many hours of the day vs sitting still & over-taxing the eyes (including the slow effect of microwaves on eyeballs). 
The internet makes us interact as fundamentally unfamiliar virtual strangers – we can no longer get a sense of ‘character” & certainly often no clue about bad players.
The internet forces the brain into adaptations that go against its biological evolution – a lot of stored ‘nonsense’, meaningless mishmash – eg, passwords, etc, while evolutionarily the brain operates as in to cohere, gel, make sense of, inputs. 
The internet forces us to follow hierarchical trees of system navigation whereas the unfettered brain can think in an instant (like magic) & to the exact point. 
The internet, plain & simple, puts a barrier between people: the screen.
The internet reduces language to emoji level capacity. 
We are losing the profound & intricate lexicon of human ideation.
Cheapest trick: we are losing knowledge –into the cloud & NOT carried in the minds of humans. —-it’s devolution. 
& ai is horror we are bringing upon ourselves… . 
Ultimately, too, what is the stupidity of having nothing to do (or think) as in having daily living roboticized.


*********MANDATE FREEDOM OF                                                    SPEECH & THOUGHT*********


DJT-Pres 45:
Said what he thought;
Thought what he said…

July 23, 2022:
Is raw sex, sex for sex’s sake, the only kind of passion we can muster?

Where is love, devotion, Tenderness
Where is meaning
A hole (whole) lot of f—ing Lust – always?
  Sex and sexuality is a very private* thing – (*as in right to privacy)

Human relation and mental health go hand in hand
Less of relation = more of illness

Fauci “I am science”: a small man in every sense of the word

Dr. Nancy Mroczek, PhD
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