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TREES Are Your GOLD   


COVID TRIAL: test hypothesis that unvaxxed are the problem of transmission –  on cruise or other enterprise:   

one group, all persons maximally vaxxed —    a second group, all persons unvaxxed —   a third group 50% maximally vaxxed & 50% unvaxxed —           Let’s do it for the sake of science 😶


pthalates, pthalates everywhere
no drop of air to breathe
people buy the phthalate ruse
— while health goes to blues


why does Congress not have a vax mandate for itself 


AGONY:  Experiments on animals funded under Fauci’s tenure with NIH were vicious, vile, drastically inhumane.  The suffering of animals used for vaccine development is no less horrific.


Sadly, we beome more like the machine than the machine becomes like we






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